2nd and 3rd Years

After first year, the course you study in second and third year gives you the opportunity to specialise, as much or as little as you want. In addition to a core paper of Geographical Research, you can take any two papers from Human Geography, Earth Systems Dynamics (physical geography) and Environmental Geography, so there is the option to both carry on a balance of human and physical geographies, or err towards one end of the spectrum if you prefer.
As well as core papers, you can take three option papers, which are much more specialised. These range from contemporary India, the people and politics of the Northlands and geographies of finance to climate science, desert landscapes and dynamics and forensic geography. Second years also go on a week’s fieldtrip to either Copenhagen or Tenerife to carry out a fieldwork project, which are great opportunities to spend time with the other geographers and learn much more about research in geography.
Like other arts and social science subjects in Oxford, the Final Honours School course, as it is known, is only examined at the end of your final year. This means that you don’t sit any exams at the end of second year. This a great opportunity to spend a summer in Oxford without having to sit exams, and start working towards your dissertation, where you can do a longer project on any geographical subject you choose, whether it involves travelling far and wide or studying an aspect of your local area. Best of all, the FHS geography course gives you the flexibility to study the different aspects of geography you are most interested in while still giving you a foundation spanning the subject.