Committee Elections – information

We will be holding elections for the 2017 OGS Committee soon. Full details and timings will be published on our Facebook page. In the meantime, find out about each role below.


As the president of the society, Will represents the society at our events. He chairs the committee meetings and oversees the rest of the committee members. The president also provides help to the committee members when organising our events. Fancy yourself to be the next president of GeogSoc? Contact Will through the GeogSoc Facebook Page to find out more about what he does as president.


Iona is in charge of managing the accounts and working with other members of the committee to put on a range of events while ensuring we stay within budget. Want some experience managing a budget? Treasurer is the role for you! Contact Iona through the GeogSoc Facebook page to find out more!


Lizzie, our secretary, manages all the admin such as signing up new members and booking rooms for talks. She also takes the minutes for the committee meetings and makes sure the society adheres to its constitution. Message Lizzie through the GeogSoc Facebook page if you have any questions about her role!


Susie is the Events Officer. She contacts potential speakers and arranges for them to speak to our society. Susie also works with other societies to hold joint events and organises the refreshments we have a our speaker events. You can contact Susie through the GeogSoc Facebook page if you have any questions about her role!

Social Officer

Katie’s role on the committee is to organise the social events throughout year. This means you can get to know people from other colleges and other years whilst having fun in the process. Want to be our next Social Officer? Contact Katie via the GeogSoc Facebook page to find out more!

Careers Officer

Sophie organises the termly careers events by working with the department careers officer. She also works with possibly employees to make sure we get the right careers advise. Think you want to be the next careers officer? Contact Sophie through the Facebook page to find out more about the role!

Marketing and IT

Currently held as two separate roles by Caitlin and Harry, the Marketing and IT officer manages the website and social media feeds to advertise the society. They also provide technical support at events and help towards the general running of the society. Drop a message on the GeogSoc Facebook page if you want to hear more about this role!