AGM and Committee Elections 2018

7pm, Monday 5th March (Week 8), Halford Mackinder Lecture Theatre, School of Geography and the Environment Facebook event

The GeogSoc AGM will be held at 7pm on Monday, 5th March (8th Week) in the Halford Mackinder Lecture Theatre at the School of Geography and the Environment, with elections for a new committee for the next year being held after the AGM. The AGM and committee elections are only open to current members, with food and refreshments provided.

If you are interested in running for a committee position, applications for the roles will open on Monday, 12th February (Week 5) and close on Wednesday, 28th February (Week 7). Only current members of GeogSoc are eligible to apply.

Please send your applications by replying to this email (, and include the following before the deadline in 7th week:

  • Name
  • College
  • Year
  • Position
  • Manifesto (no more than 150 words saying why you would be suited for the role)
  • And a photo of yourself


The role available are:

  • President – As the president of the society, Zak represents the society at our events. He chairs the committee meetings and oversees the rest of the committee members. The president also provides help to the committee members when organising our events. Fancy yourself to be the next president of GeogSoc? Contact Zak through the GeogSoc Facebook Page to find out more about what he does as President.
  • Treasurer – Jack is in charge of managing the accounts and working with other members of the committee to put on a range of events while ensuring we stay within budget. Want some experience managing a budget? Treasurer is the role for you! Contact Jack through the GeogSoc Facebook page to find out more!
  • Secretary – Jenny, our secretary, manages all the admin such as signing up new members and booking rooms for talks. She also takes the minutes for the committee meetings and makes sure the society adheres to its constitution. Message Jenny through the GeogSoc Facebook page if you have any questions about her role!
  • Social Officer – Charlotte’s role on the committee is to organise the social events throughout year. This means you can get to know people from other colleges and other years whilst having fun in the process. Want to be our next Social Officer? Contact Charlotte via the GeogSoc Facebook page to find out more!
  • Events Officer – Laura is the Events Officer. She contacts potential speakers and arranges for them to speak to our society. Laura also works with other societies to hold joint events and organises the refreshments we have at our speaker events. You can contact Laura through the GeogSoc Facebook page if you have any questions about her role!
  • Careers Officer – Lizzie organises the termly careers events by working with the department careers officer. She also works with possibly employees to make sure we get the right careers advise. Think you want to be the next careers officer? Contact Sophie through the Facebook page to find out more about the role.
  • Marketing and IT Officer – James manages the website and social media feeds to advertise the society. He also provides technical support at events and help towards the general running of the society. Drop a message on the GeogSoc Facebook page if you want to hear more about this role!

Interested to find out more? Have a look on the committee page on our website, or keep checking our Facebook page for descriptions of roles available this year. You can also message the Facebook page to talk directly to our committee.

We hope to see your application soon!


N.B.  Please note that the deadline for applications to be on the committee have been extended to Wednesday, 28th February (Week 7).

N.B.B. Please note that the venue for the AGM and committee elections will now be at the Halford Mackinder Lecture Theatre at the School of Geography and the Environment.


Talk: Restoring ecosystems for the 21st century: Targets, traits and trajectories

4pm, Tuesday 27th February (Week 7), J Gottmann Room, School of Geography and the Environment. Facebook event 

Michael Perring from the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University will be joining us to give a talk on his expertise in restoring ecosystems and temperate forest plant communities facing climate change. His research interests include: interactions among land use legacies and contemporary environmental change on ecosystem properties; the use of plant traits to project community assembly and ecosystem function; and ecological restoration interventions and targets in the Anthropocene.

The talk will be held at 4pm on Tuesday, 27th February (Week 7) in the J Gottmann Room at the School of Geography and the Environment. Entry is free for all GeogSoc members, and £3 for non-members. If you are interested in joining the Society, please contact us for more information.

Careers Talk & Seminar with Ian Curtis

1pm, Friday 26th January (Week 2),Habakkuk Room, Jesus College. Facebook event

Join us this Friday (26th Jan) as we host Ian Curtis, Development Officer at the School of Geography and the Environment to discuss careers in geography and what paths Oxford geography alumni have entered following graduation.

The event will be held on Friday of 2nd Week at 1.30pm at the Habakkuk Room in Jesus College.


NOTE: This event will now be at 1pm this Friday 26th January. The venue of the event is still at the Habakkuk Room, Jesus College.

Social: Christmas Drinks

8pm, Tuesday 28th November (Week 8), Harold Wilson Room, Jesus College. Facebook event


With free drinks and Christmas snacks, come join us at the Harold Wilson Room in Jesus College at 8pm on Tuesday, 28th November. Everyone is welcome to attend; £5 entry if you are not a GeogSoc member yet, and members will just need to bring along their membership card.

If you would like to reminded of the event on the day, just express your interest on Facebook.

Talk: ‘Smart Cities’ with Gillian Rose

3pm, Monday 27th November (Week 8), Halford Mackinder Lecture Theatre, School of Geography and the Environment. Facebook event
Following her recent move from The Open University, we would like to warmly welcome Professor Rose as she joins us for a talk. On Monday of 8th Week, we will be hosting this event at the Halford Mackinder Lecture Theatre in the School of Geography and the Environment, where Professor Rose will be speaking about ‘smart cities’, with links to both the Geography Preliminary and Final Honour School courses.
After the talk, there will be an opportunity for a discussion and further questions with Professor Rose. The event is free to attend for GeogSoc members, and is £3 for non-members. If there are students who wish to join the Society, there will be a chance to do so after the event – all you will need to do is pay £3 on the door, and then pay the remainder for annual (£6) or life (£15) membership.
Professor Rose is a widely renowned feminist and cultural geographer, specialising in visual culture and the politics of knowledge production (e.g. who creates what kinds of knowledge, how those knowleges circulate and transform, and what kinds of worlds are thus constituted). We’re pleased to welcome her to the University following her recent arrival in October 2017 as a Professor of Human Geography.
If you have any questions regarding the event, Society or membership, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you and we hope you can make the time to attend the event. 

Talk: What can Geography tell us about the Equality Effect?

5pm, Thursday 12th October (Week 1), Habbakuk Room, Jesus College. Facebook event

Oxford Geography Society is excited to announce our first event of Michaelmas 2017, as we host best-selling author and frequent contributor to The Guardian, Professor Danny Dorling from the Oxford School of Geography and the Environment, to talk about his new book “The Equality Effect: Improving life for everyone”.

The event will be held at the Habbakuk Room at Jesus College, Oxford at 5pm on Thursday, 12 October (Week 1). The talk will be 45 minutes long, followed by a 30-minute discussion for questions.

The event is free to GeogSoc members, and £3 for non-members. After the event, students who wish to join GeogSoc, especially First Years, will have the opportunity to purchase membership.

Social: It’s Pimm’s o’Clock

We are pleased to announce our annual ‘Pimm’s & Cookies’ this year! Come join us with fellow students, friends and staff at the University Parks as we celebrate the end of a great year of map colouring, fieldtrips and other wonderful geography antics.

The event will be held on Thursday, 15th June (Week 8) at 2pm at the University Parks (weather permitting). Anyone and everyone is free to attend, with an assortment of drinks and cookies available:
– Pimms: £2 per glass
– Cookies: £1 each
– **DEAL: 2 glasses of Pimm’s and 2 cookies are £3 for members, £5 for non-members
– Non-alcoholic beverages will also be available.

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