Year 1:

In the first year, the four compulsory courses (Earth Systems Processes, Human Geography, Geographical Controversies and Geographical Techniques) allow students to explore both the physical and human aspect of the subject.  These courses form the basis for the 4 written exams that you will have at the end of first year. In addition, a essay must be submitted on Geographical Controversies.

In terms of fieldwork, there is a trip to Dorset for 4 days during your first term. This is a physical field trip – which provides you the opportunity to use instruments that are great for collecting data out in the field! There is also a one-day field trip exercise which will be conducted in Oxford – this is for Human Geography. Students are expected to write-up two field work reports, one for each trip.

Years 2 and 3:

Years 2 and 3 allow you to venture into what interests you most. As a second year, you will complete two foundational courses. There are 3 courses to choose from: Space, Place and Society (human-focused); Earth System Dynamics (physical-focused) and Environmental Geography. In addition to this, the Geographical Research course will be taught.

Students also go on an overseas field trip during their second year. Currently, the destinations are Tenerife or Berlin! A fieldwork report must be handed in based around your findings on the trip.

Across the 2 years, students select 3 option courses. There are a number of options to choose from – meaning that students can explore the subjects that interest them most. If you want to take a look at the current options offered, click on the following link:

Students are assessed based upon: 6 written exams (Geographical Research, 2 foundational papers, 3 option papers); 3 extended essays (1 per option); fieldwork report; dissertation.

Tenerife Fieldtrip 053
Tenerife Fieldtrip