Geography Calendar

As Geographers, we all love being out in the field and going on a fieldtrip is definitely one of the highlights of this course.

However close-by or far-flung the destination, we have all come back laden with memories as well as pictures we took of landscapes that stunned us, local people we met, instruments we used in our research.

You can now marvel at a great collection of fieldtrip shots, taken by SoGE students across all courses: in the first ever SoGE Postcard Calendar ‘From the Field’.

It features the 14 winning pictures of a student photographic competition which the department ran over the summer, and Lara Pysden (Mansfield), then 1st year geographer, won the third prize for a photo from the Wytham Woods fieldtrip last Michaelmas.

The calendar is available at the School’s Reception and costs £7, with £3 going towards the Department’s student support fund.

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